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Halloween Burlap Bunting 


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Halloween Burlap Bunting 

Written By: Vanessa Coppola 


Cardstock (1) 

Hot glue gun and glue (1) 

Iron (1) 

Letter stencils (1) 

store bought or handmade 


Scissors (1) 


No-sew iron-on adhesive (1) 
/ used Heat-n-Bond 

Black felt (1) 
or cotton fabric 

Burlap (1) 

Jute string (1) 
or hemp string 

Rickrack (1) 


I'm a bit of a Homeowners Association rebel, seeing as how my house is the only one on the 
block that has been adorned with pumpkins and spider webs since early September. Saying 
that I love Halloween is a bit of an understatement. For just one night you get to be a kid 
again. You get to play dress up and stuff your face full of candy corn. What's not to love 
about it? 

Want to Halloweenify your home with me? Heat up that glue gun and pull out some rickrack; 
we're making bunting flags. You can hang up the flags at your Halloween party or hang them 
outside to help greet trick-or-treaters. The great thing about these flags is that they are 
reversible, so you can decorate the opposite side for Thanksgiving or Christmas (don't 
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Halloween Burlap Bunting 

worry, I haven't started decorating for Christmas ... yet). I plan on spelling out T-H-A-N-K-F- 
U-L-! on the opposite side, adding some fall-colored rickrack and hanging the bunting in our 
dining room for Thanksgiving. 

Grab yourself a few pumpkin-spiced lattes, because while this project isn't very difficult, it is 
a tad time consuming. Happy Halloween! 

Project originally posted on CRAFT . 

Step 1 — Halloween Burlap Bunting 

• Iron on a piece of Heat-n-Bond to the black felt. You might need more or less felt, 
depending on how large your letters are. 

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Halloween Burlap Bunting 

Step 2 

• Trace the letters H-A-L-L-O-W-E- 
E-N onto the Heat-n-Bond that is 
now adhered to the felt. 

• Make sure to trace the letters 
backwards so they will face the 
right direction when you flip them 
over, felt-side up. I found the letter 
stencils, which were originally part 
of a Halloween banner, in the 
holiday section of my local craft 
store. You could easily make your 
own stencils by searching online 
for a free Halloween font, printing 
out H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N on 
cardstock, and cutting out each 

Step 3 

• Cut out the felt letters. 

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Halloween Burlap Bunting 

Step 4 

• Make a flag template out of 
cardstock, draw your flag shape of 
choice on cardstock and cut it out. 
You could make traditional 
triangular bunting flags or circles. I 
chose a rectangular shape that 
comes to a point at one end. Make 
sure the flag template will be large 
enough for the felt letters. 

Step 5 

• Fold the burlap in half and trace the 
template onto the burlap, with the 
fold at the top. Cut out the burlap 
flags using scissors or a rotary 
cutter. After cutting the flags, there 
should be a mirror image of the 
shape when you unfold it. Repeat 8 
more times. 

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Halloween Burlap Bunting 

Step 6 

• Iron on the felt letters to the burlap 

• Iron the burlap first, ironing 
over the fold to flatten the 


Step 7 

' ■■■'■-■:•'• "■'."/>'£ •".*"■: •' ■■'/'"/>'/. .;--;*/*?5l 

■ ■-" • ■*•'•*•*. ■•■„*/.*-/■ ■'•:''.'• •■-■''. •'*/**.' ■•'.■'•: 

• Unfold the burlap flag and add a line of hot glue down the center of the fold. Place the jute 
or hemp string in the glue and fold back up the burlap flag, sandwiching the string inside. 

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Halloween Burlap Bunting 

Step 8 

• Attach rickrack to the top of every burlap flag using hot glue. 

• Hang and admire. 

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